Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cooler Master KODE5 Video Shootout- coming Oct.1st

Beginning October 1st 2007 Cooler Master will be launching it's KODE5 Video Shootout Contest.

Over $10,000 of prizes will be given out:

The participant with the best submitted video will win a trip to the KODE5 2007 Global Finals, courtesy of Cooler Master (approx. $1500 in value)!
4 x COSMOS 1000
4 x CM Stacker 832 SE
4 x CM 690
4 x CM Stacker 830 NVIDIA Edition
12 x Hyper 212
4 x Hyper TX2
8 x LED On/Off 120mm Fan
8 x CM Sphere
4 x Real Power M1000
4 x Real Power 750W
4 x Real Power M520
8 x Real Power 550W
8 x X Craft 360
8 x X Craft 250

With all these amazing prizes there should be a lot of entries.

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