Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cooler Master Kode 5 prizes have arrived

Earlier this week I received a huge package all the way from Taiwan. It contained a new CM Stacker 830 Nvidia Edition full tower case and a CM X-Craft 250 portable hard drive caddy. The CM event team shipped my prizes via Fedex International Priority. Now that's good customer service.

Living longer

Imagine if you will being able to live to the age of 800 or even more. Immortality may be reality in mankind's future. I ran across a post on Shawn Knight's Blog which lead me to Scott’s post at W Revenue dot Com.

Scott attended the Emerging Technology conference in San Diego earlier this month, and spoke about longevity research. He is quite passionate about the idea of extending the human life span by stopping the aging process altogether.

If the aging process could be stopped when we reach the age of say twenty, then our bodies would not decay afterwards, and we would look the same age for the remainder of our lives.

This however is a very controversial subject with religious groups who say that if we were meant to live forever, God would have created humankind that way.

In order to get more people talking about this subject, Scott has agreed to pay $20.00 via paypal to the first 100 people who blog about the subject. It looks like there is still a few spots left, so get blogging people.