Sunday, July 13, 2008

RedFlagDeals: My Best Deal of all Time

Some of you may already know about, and for those who don't it's a Canadian web site where you can find the best deals on everything from Alphabet Soup to ZZ top cd's.

One of the best deals I've ever found on RedFlagDeals was early last year when a fellow forum member posted a deal he found at his local Wal-Mart. Select UbiSoft XBOX and PS2 games were being liquidated for the amazingly low price of 10 cents each.

I managed to find four of them and traded them in at BlockBuster Video for the Call of Duty 4 XBOX 360 game. After all was said and done it ended up costing me only 45 cents with tax for a game worth $59.99. Quite the deal if I do say so.